Lake Stock ImageThe District’s Stormwater Management  System consists of a series of interconnected lakes, marshes and wetlands.  What may appear to be naturally occurring lakes and marshes throughout the DCDD are actually manmade stormwater retention and treatment areas.  These lakes, marshes and wetlands are all hydraulically interconected and form the Surface Water Management System.  The primary functions of the system is removal of excess storm water from residential/recreation areas, retention of surface water runoffs, recharge of groundwater and control of saltwater intrusion.  During periods of high rainfall, excess flows from the lakes are discharged to the Intracoastal Waterway.

After construction by the Developers, these water management systems were deeded to the District.  The DCDD is responsible for maintaining the system in accordance with State requirements.  Water quality in the system includes removal or treatment of noxious submerged and floating vegetation and algae, water quality monitoring, chemical analysis and shoreline weed control, fish stocking programs and aeration.  Mother Nature plays a large role in the overall health and appearance of the lakes and marshes.  In drought conditions, water levels and water quality are very difficult to maintain.  With normal rainfall, the appearance and water quality of lakes, marshes and wetlands generally improve.

The maintenance of the surface water system is funded by a maintenance assessment included on the annual Flagler County property tax bill.  The District’s assessment is reviewed and set annually at a public hearing, generally held in August.