Hammock Dunes BridgeThe Hammock Dunes Bridge opened to traffic on July 3, 1988 providing residents of the DCDD with direct access to Palm Coast and Interstate 95.  The bridge and related facilities were built with funds from a $16,320,000 Revenue Bond issued in 1987.  Although these bonds were paid off in 2007, an agreement with Flagler County required DCDD to continue collecting tolls and to set aside surplus funds for a potential expansion of the bridge.  In 2012, the DCDD negotiated an Interlocal Agreement that eliminated a $38,000,000 liability to expand the Hammock Dunes Bridge.

This agreement also made available surplus revenues for community projects within and adjacent to the DCDD’s boundaries.  In Addition, the Agreement requires the DCDD to set aside funds for the long term maintenance and repairs for the bridge, insuring this critical transportation link is kept in top condition.  Finally, this Agreement allowed for a reduction of the Prepaid Discount Tolls to $.50 per roundtrip.