Reclaimed Water SignAs the demand for fresh water increases, the challenge to develop alternative water sources to satisfy future needs has become critical.

Reclaimed water helps meet the need for the District’s irrigation water demand.  It is the final product of a multiple stage advance treatment process that eliminates solids, organics and other undesirable components but retains nitrogen and phosphorus elements that work as micronutrients for ornamental plants and lawns.  This treatment process produces a water product ideal for lawn sprinkling, but not suitable for human or animal consumption.

The District currently provides reclaimed water to the golf courses, area road rights-of way and residences within the community.

The reclaimed water distribution system was funded by revenue bonds or developer fees and the charges (outlined below) are based on the operating costs and debt service requirements of the bonds.

Due to the organic composition of reclaimed water, it should NOT be used for:

  • Drinking
  • Connection to a dwelling for toilet flushing or other household uses
  • Inter-connection with another water source
  • Sprinkling of edible garden crops
  • Body-contact, recreation
  • Hose bibs, faucets, quick coupler, hoses etc.
  • Filling swimming pools or fountains
  • Washing cars, boats, driveways, structures, etc.
  • Water-to-air cooling systems

Reclaimed Water Charges (Single Family – effective October 1, 2016)

  • Reclaimed water:  Minimum monthly charge of $17.33
  • Plus commodity rate per 1,000 gallons of metered reclaimed water:

Step 1:  Gallonage varies by lot size $  .80

Step 2:  Gallonage varies by lot size $1.00

Step 3:  Gallonage varies by lot size $2.00