Water PlantPotable Water Systems

The District provides potable water for household use to all residences and non-residential facilities in the District service area (reclaimed water is used for irrigation).

The Dunes CDD was awarded a grant from St. Johns River Water Management District for $2,800,000, the maximum grant available.  These funds paid 40% of the total construction cost of the Dunes CDD’s Reverse Osmosis water treatment plant .  For more information about our facility, click here New RO Plant (PDFRTF).

The original Reverse Osmosis water treatment facility went into operation on August 15, 2007.  This  facility produces high quality drinking water that  is significantly clearer than the water that was previously received from Palm Coast.

The plant was designed to utilize chlorine rather than chloramines for the disinfection process.  The use of chlorine, which is a stronger disinfectant than chloramines, allows for greater process control and flexibility.  The change in disinfectant does not cause adverse health effects.  However, customers may experience a slight increase in the taste and odor of chlorine.

2015 Dunes CDD Water Treatment Plant Expansion Project

Provisions were made during the design and construction of the original facility to double its capacity to meet future demand.  The 1.44 MGD RO Plant was expanded and placed in operation in 2015.  This project provides a reliable, sustainable supply of drinking water for the community.

Wastewater Collection Systems

Wastewater is collected and conveyed by a series of pump stations to the District wastewater treatment plant.  In addition to its obvious role, the wastewater plant also contributes to water conservation.  The multi-stage, advanced secondary treatment process produces  reclaimed water that is used for irrigation.  Water and Wastewater systems were funded by revenue bonds similar to the Hammock Dunes Bridge.  Water and wastewater charges (outlined below) are based on operating costs and debt service requirements of the bonds.

Potable Water and Wastewater charges for single family and multi-family residential are as follows:

Water & Wastewater Charges   (Effective October 1, 2016)

Water:  Minimum monthly charge of $17.33 per dwelling unit.  Wastewater:  Minimum monthly charge of $17.33 per dwelling unit.  Plus commodity rate per 1,000 gallons of metered water.

                                                         Water                    Wastewater

Step 1:  1- 7,500 gallons                   $2.42                    $2.73

Step 2:  7,501 – 15,000 gallons        $3.03                    $2.73

Step 3:  15,001– 22,500 gallons      $3.87                    $2.73

Step 4:  Above 22,500 gallons         $4.84                    $2.73