Dunes CDD processes and distributes reclaimed water for non-potable (non-drinking) landscape irrigation purposes throughout the District’s entire service area. Reuse of reclaimed water for irrigation is a major component of Dunes CDD’s commitment to water conservation which is strongly encouraged by the St. Johns River Water Management District and is further supported and regulated by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP).

FDEP rules and regulations outlined in Chapter 62-610, Part III, Florida Administrative Code, require that Dunes CDD inform reclaimed water customers about the nature and origin of reclaimed water to minimize the risk of improper use and likelihood of possible contamination of the potable and public water supply systems as a result of cross-connections between reclaimed water and potable water distribution systems and connections to same. Cross- connection of your reclaimed water irrigation system to your potable water service is strictly prohibited. Inspections are also performed by Dunes CDD staff when new customers first connect to the reclaimed water distribution system.

Reclaimed water is the result of highly treated, filtered, and disinfected effluent produced at both the Dunes CDD and City of Palm Coast wastewater treatment facilities. Reclaimed water may be safely used for irrigation of residential lawns, medians, common areas, golf courses, etc. Because of its nature and origin, reclaimed water should NOT be used for drinking or other body-contact recreation such as rinsing, bathing, splashing or playing in although incidental human contact, such as being splashed with reclaimed water, is not a cause for alarm. As such, landscape irrigation is recommended during periods when human or animal contact is least likely to occur.

Reuse of reclaimed water is stringently regulated by FDEP. Dunes CDD monitors its reclaimed water and facilities continuously to ensure that its reclaimed water meets strict public access reclaimed water quality standards.

The most important reason for using reclaimed water is that it provides an alternate source for meeting irrigation water demands, thus reducing the demand and conserving our primary source of fresh water, the Floridan Aquifer.

In accordance with Chapter 62-610, Part III, F.A.C., and DUNES CDD policies, the following conditions, limitations, and requirements apply to all users of reclaimed water:

  1. Use of reclaimed water shall be in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, which may be amended from time to time. You will be notified in advance of any adopted rule changes that may affect your uses or practices.
  2. Reclaimed water may not be used for drinking (by humans or animals), bathing, or any other sanitary purposes.
  1. Reclaimed water may not be piped into any building that also receives potable water from any source.
  1. Reclaimed water may not be used to fill swimming pools, wading pools, hot tubs, or any other body of water where immersion might occur.
  1. Reclaimed water may be not used to irrigate edible crops, except those that are washed, peeled, cooked, or thermally processed before consumption.
  1. The owner/lessee of the property where reclaimed water will be applied is responsible for the irrigation system downstream of the meter.
  1. Applicant must have a permanent in-ground irrigation system which has been inspected by DUNES CDD and meets the following requirements:


  • Hose bibs, faucets, or other connections that could permit usage of reclaimed water for any other purpose than to supply in-ground irrigation systems are PROHIBITED.
  • Irrigation systems may not be connected to any other source of water, including, but not limited to: neighboring irrigation systems; public or private potable water systems; lakes; streams; ponds; or wells.
  • The irrigation system must be maintained in good working condition and must be adjusted properly to minimize spray onto roads, common sidewalks, gutters, neighboring property, or impervious surfaces that allow run-off. Over spray into swimming or wading pools is not allowed.
  • All piping must be color coded with 522c pantone purple.  All above ground pipe shall be purple in color.


  1. The potable water system shall be protected from cross-connections to the reclaimed water system by an approved Backflow Prevention Device.
  1. In order to verify proper connections, monitor proper use of reclaimed water, and minimize the potential for cross connections DUNES CDD shall conduct inspections at the time the irrigation system is first connected to the reclaimed water system and periodically thereafter.
  1. Customers may not connect to or tamper with DUNES CDD’s reclaimed water system prior to approval by DUNES CDD.
  1. DUNES CDD may discontinue service for any violation of law or regulation in the installation, operation, or, maintenance of the reclaimed water irrigation system.
  1. It is advisable to schedule irrigation at times when human or animal contact is least likely.
  1. DUNES CDD assumes no liability for any damage caused by or resulting from customer use or misuse of reclaimed water.
  1. Dunes CDD does not guarantee the supply of reclaimed water. Reclaimed water may not be available during certain hours, may be temporarily shut off for repairs, maintenance, or other reasons, and quantities may be limited.
  1. Dunes CDD further notifies the users of reclaimed water by posting advisory signs in certain service area locations where reuse of reclaimed water is practiced. Some examples include, notes on scorecards for golf courses, posting of advisory signs at entrances to residential neighborhoods or trails or entrances to golf courses or at the first and tenth tees.
  1. Property owners are responsible to maintain their irrigation systems in proper working order beyond the point of service connection (reclaimed meter). Clogging of customer sprinkler heads, filters, valves and solenoids may occur periodically. The Dunes CDD neither endorses nor prohibits the use of additional screen or filter mechanisms on the customer irrigation system.
  1. The reclaimed water being provided throughout the Dunes CDD meets or exceeds the standards of Chapter 62-610, Part III, of the Florida Administrative Code for use on public access and residential areas. While Dunes CDD tries to maintain the best quality of reclaimed water, to include further screening and filtration prior to entering the reclaimed water distribution system, we do not guarantee that the reclaimed water is free from sand, grit, algae and other sediments that may enter into the reclaimed distribution system.