The DCDD has implemented of a stormwater utility funding program to address long-term maintenance, repair and replacement of the storm drainage infrastructure system that benefits local residents and businesses such as the golf courses.  Funds generated by the utility will be used to inspect, assess and repair/replace as needed failing infrastructure (i.e. pipes, manholes and catch basins) and to implement projects to reduce incidents of flooding throughout our community.  Many local governments in Florida, including Palm Coast, St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach and more, have already implemented similar fee programs.  Establishment of a Stormwater Utility Fund, paid for by stormwater user fees, will provide a more equitable and sustainable means of funding stormwater system expenditure requirements long-term.

Beginning 1/31/2022 billing, stormwater charges with a code of STW will be included on your invoice.

Stormwater FAQs:  PDF|RTF

DCDD Policy & Credit Manual:  PDF|RTF

Stormwater Fee Credit Manual Application: PDF|RTF

Stormwater Billing Insert 7/16/21 Meeting: PDF|RTF